Friday April 5
Our Devotional this morning was Psalm 124. And yes, The Lord has been on our side! Today we had the Higgins Family and Palm Beach Iron Works donate $35,000 with the challenge for you, our listeners to match these funds! And I must say, the phones have been ringing more today than in the past 2 weeks. We also know that donations will continue to come in even after today. So we do look forward to meeting any shortfall that we have. Palm Beach Iron Works has been a faithful partner with to WCNO for many years. Perhaps you have heard their spots on air. It hasn’t been that long ago that Jim Higgins Sr. went to meet Jesus. Yet his wife and family are following dad’s footsteps and following Jesus while working hard to evangelize everyone the Lord puts in their path. In honor of the Higgins family, we have put together a picture collage of them with us here at WCNO. We hope you enjoy them.

Alan Love, Louann Linekin and James

Wednesday April 3

Isaiah 60:1 “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.” Thank you Apostle Trevor Banks for opening us up this morning with such a great Word and with Prayer to start our Prayer and Share day. Apostle Trevor is well known by our listeners. He has had a program on WCNO more than 20 years now, and many people have come to join his church fellowship as a result! We give Praise to God that people can find a church home because of the programs that you hear on WCNO 89.9 FM. At 11:30, we had the great opportunity to have The 3 Amigos join us in the studio. Keith Masters – A Street Witness, John Nelson, Families Recover, and Jim Weir, a former bank robber – Reformed and Renewed by the Blood of Jesus! Each has a wonderful testimony of how they came to know the Lord and how their lives have impacted so many others around them. The afternoon was all to quiet… we did have donors calling and donations coming in although we have not even reached the halfway mark. We still have 2 more days to raise our 6-month budget. We look forward to seeing what the Lord will do in the remaining days!


Thursday April 4

We are in the last 2 days of our Spring Prayer & Share.  Prayer & Share alwayshas its ‘Technical’ problems. It seems the devil has always wanted to get into our business and cause distractions in various ways over the years. Today was no exception! There was a storm last night, and when we came into the Studio this morning, not all things were running correctly, and we could not run any programs! But Praise be to our Lord Jesus, who works out all things for good to those who are in Christ Jesus! While we were waiting for all of the systems to reboot, we were able to reach out to you, our Listening Family with Live Programming and Music! By 10:30 am we were back on the air and able to broadcast as is normal.

Now, as I mentioned, Prayer & Share is in full swing. Friday is our Final Day to raise $225,000. for the next 6 month’s budget. We are less than half-way through our goal, but we have truly appreciated your calls, online and texted donations! And, let me not leave out our DOOR DASH DONORS as well!

With this being said, we have had so many delightful conversations with our callers. Many of you who are First-Time callers, and of course, thank you to you, our faithful repeat donors!

Together, we will keep WCNO 89.9 FM on the air, spreading the GOOD NEWS of the GOSPEL over the airwaves to over a potential SEVEN MILLION + PEOPLE who hear the signal on their local radio, and of course, we broadcast around the world through the internet from WCNO.COM!

As Todd the Plumber said, whose testimony you heard on Monday, God's Got It!!

Alexander Alfano - Religious Liberty Report

Monday April 1
We all had a wonderful Resurrection Weekend, and pray you did as well! We are all back here in Palm City at the WCNO 89.9 FM Radio Studio working hard to bring you a most enlightened and even entertaining Monday as we press forward to meet our 6-month Fundraising challenge.
We cannot do this without your support! The bulk of our operating fund to keep the GOOD NEWS STATION on the air comes from YOU, our listeners. May God richly bless you as you open your hearts to us in prayer, and your pockets to send the Gospel to those who need to be lifted up, encouraged, and edified!
Joining us today and through Thursday is a very good friend of Jonathan and of WCNO! Welcome to Ben Rowley, currently living in St. Augustine. We are so excited to have Ben join us here in the Studio this week.
Jonathan read TODAY’S DEVOTIONAL – PSALM 112. This psalm surely edifies the believer and gives hope for all who believe! But woe to those whose hearts have turned against the Lord! Please continue to listen in all week. We hope that you will keep us in Prayer and continue to call in your donations.
AND.. if you have a prayer request or a testimony, you can call these in or go on to the website to leave your comments. You can also donate through the website: www.wcno.com

MONDAY 04.01 photo collage

Tuesday April 2 Pastor Sam and Sue Chess dropped by this afternoon, as well as Rev. St Hope and his wife Candie! What dynamic ministries they each have in their own calling from God! Pastor Sam has ministered for 30 years and is Pastor of Grace Emmanuel Church on Kitterman Rd in Port St Lucie, and has authored several books. Sue is the CEO of Care Net of the Treasure Coast. Sue had a most encouraging word to pass on to us as they just held their annual banquet in March. Jonathan asked both Sue and Sam why WCNO Christian Radio is so important. Sue responded by saying ‘It connects the Body. The Body moves better when its connected’. Pastor Sam responded with 3 words that say a lot… ‘Maximum Eternal Impact’. Next we had Rev. St Hope (The Hope Zone) and his wife Candie. They have and shared wonderful testimonies. St Hope Loves the Lord and encourages us all to get closer to Him through His Word. I found a common thread between what Pastor Sam spoke of and what St Hope said during the break. Both pastors made reference to God putting us here to fulfill a purpose. We have as God’s children lots of work to do while we are here on earth serving God. We have a purpose, and we can seek God to know and fulfil that purpose.

TUESDAY 04.02 photo collage

Wednesday, March 27

This has been a relatively quiet day. We had some guests join us today in the Studio, as we diligently continue to raise the funds needed to broadcast WCNO to you over the airwaves and across the internet!

Yet this has been a full day, with many of you calling in your donations in support of the work that goes forth for the Lord. WE CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!

Wednesday Prayer & Share

Thursday, March 28

We started out the day with Pastor Arlen Payne, Pastor of Big Cypress New Testament Baptist on the Seminole Reservation. Pastor Arlen is also the voice you hear every Wednesday at 5:15 AM and PM as he ministers to you with his program “Consider His Word” right here on WCNO!

Ma & Pa showed up today to share what interesting things have been going on in Bickers Corner. But other than that it was a pretty slow morning. And Jonathan shared a Devotional moment reading from Luke 22:56-62.

The afternoon, however proved to be a bit more energetic! A surprise visit by Pastor Bob Roach shared for a time on air, and then we introduced our newest Partner,

Mary Lee Weir – webconsulting.com. I want to mention this here, because it was Mary who put our new Website together! We encourage you to visit our partners and feel free to call them for services you need.

Following Mary, Dr. Steven Lambert joined us for the rest of the afternoon. Dr. Lambert comes with great talents and a spiritual voice for the Lord. Dr. Lambert has written a book, “NOW FAITH IS” and has given WCNO 50 copies to help raise funds for the radio station. For a donation of $34 or more, you can request this book.

Thank you for your calls, your donations, prayer requests, and praise reports. Please visit our new website… https://wcno.com/ where you can communicate with us and keep up with what we are doing here!

Tomorrow is Good Friday. We will not be raising funds. You will hear all of your favorite programs as usual, as we all prepare to celebrate the RESURRECTION of JESUS!

Thursday 03.28.24 Prayer & Share

Monday, March 25

Pastor Darryl mentioned how important it is for Christians to vote for "LIFE". Karen had just been reading Psalm 139:13 "For you have created my conscience, you knit me together in my mother's womb". (Tree of Life Messianic Bible).

Karen shared about how she was impacted by having gone through an abortion. Being young and naive about life, she was convinced this was the right thing to do. BUT GOD is our healer. He brought her through much shame and trauma to complete healing and restoration to the depths of her heart and soul.

Monday Image 3.25

Tuesday, March 26
WCNO is here to proclaim THE GOOD

NEWS of JESUS to whomever will have ears to hear. Some of these who are hearing do not yet know the Lord!

Just before the end of the day, Sherry received a call from a man sounding very distressed. After speaking with him for a short while, it was evident that he was not saved, but wanting so much to know how he could be closer to Jesus.

Sherry led him into a prayer of salvation, and provided encouragement to attend a fellowship close to his home, and get connected with other believers. She was able to refer him to John Nelson of Families Recover to receive further and immediate help.

WCNO is being used by the Lord to win souls, restore the hurting and edify the faithful in The Lord Jesus.  Join us in giving thanks to the Lord for one more soul brought into the Kingdom through this ministry.

Over 7 MILLION live in South Florida.

WCNO 89.9 FM reaches into 11 Florida counties and into the entire world through the internet!


Listen in each day to be part of the fun! You will hear stories and testimonies from many whose names you know!

The Tower

You were there with us and for us when WCNO had to replace a
33 year old TRANSMITTER.
Now our signal is stronger and reaching to our farthest limits.

The Software

In the near Future we will be installing New Software to increase and enhance the quality of Programs and Music that you hear every day, 24 hours each day, 7 days each week.

Going Forward

WCNO is experiencing a greater interest by our Local Pastors, Ministries, and Businesses. WCNO's can and will bring the unsaved to Christ with your help.